A lost jute bag…

A lost jute bag...

There once lived a widow with her daughter in a small town. Life was not that great for them but they managed to keep themselves happy by visiting shopping malls nearby. The Little girl named Samaya always admired the high society dressing. Her mom, Sharin was known in the entire locality for her kind-hearted gestures and graceful etiquettes. Years went by and Samaya turned nineteen. All these years, she has only been enticed by couture dresses, fancy shoes, accessories, and bags. Given that their financial condition was not so strong she could not afford the designer pieces she always admired.

One day there was a concert in their town, some celebrities including the head designer of her favourite brand was also expected to come. This concert was organised for the first time and the head designer was to select someone for professional training. Samaya uses to work in a boutique for her pocket money and to help her mother in managing finances. She had some design ideas and owner of the boutique always appreciated and used them. Many of her local clients were impressed by her ideas and became loyal customers of the boutique. But since they stayed in a small town where most people’s purchasing power was limited, so she was unable to make enough money to get an admission in the designing institute uptown.

The night of the concert was a big day for her. The person organising the concert was a close friend of her mom, so on her request, she agreed to arrange a small meeting with the designer, Mr. Amore. She wanted to use this meeting to show her work and get a job with her favourite brand. It was very important that she looks impeccable. So she wore one of the dresses she designed herself taking inspiration from Coco Chanel’s collection she saw online. It was a casual floral dress with a belt on the waist. She planned to pair it up with tan peep toes and a small jute bag. Jute bag was never her first choice, she always preferred leather but her mother being a vegan never approved of her choice.

Everything was planned and in place. She knew this meeting will be a once in lifetime opportunity for her and if Mr. Amore would see that she cannot match a bag with her dress, her dreams would shatter. Samaya did not have many friends; not that she could not make friends but majorly because she had no time to keep in touch or hang out with them. However, she had one best friend that was lily, who stayed just next door. She was from one of the richest families in the town and had an eccentric collection of handbags from her foreign holidays every year. Samaya knew exactly what she needs to do. This was not the first time she was borrowing stuff from Lily though her mom never appreciated her habit. It was the most important day of her life so she did not want to upset her mom. To avoid any tiff she left the house with her small jute bag and then exchanged it for a leather one on her way to the concert.

She reached and realised there were many girls like her who came there for a meeting with the head designer. She was a little disappointed knowing that there was so much competition for the opportunity she felt was only for her. All of them were taken to the room where Mr. Amore was sitting. All of the girls were modishly dressed. They had contemporary style threaded to perfection, sky high heels whose tips could drill a hole in the floor and were excellently teamed with matching bags. Most of them were at par if not ahead of the current fashion. All seemed competition to Samaya except one. There was this girl in regular denim, white shirt, and a red jute bag. Mr. Amore interacted with all of them and when was about to leave he called the girl in the white shirt to stay back, as he wished to speak to her. No one bothered as they felt if he is not impressed by us, she is not even a competition.

In the meanwhile, Sharin was on her way back home that she saw beautiful eco-friendly jute bag at a shop nearby. This would match perfectly with Samaya’s dress, thinking this she bought the bag which was way more than her budget and rushed to reach the concert to make her daughter look the best. Sharin otherwise would never take cabs but she took one today or else she knew the show would be over. The ways were clear and it did not take her long to reach the venue. There were a lot of people and her eyes were vigorously searching for her daughter.

She spotted her daughter and then she saw the leather bag she had on her shoulder. It was a beautiful bag from a renowned brand, which undoubtedly looked great on her. She was hurt in a weird way, it is not that she has stopped her daughter from using leather or plastic, but she never liked it. So far never her daughter has lied to her about using it then why all of a sudden now. She also felt that maybe her struggle with finances has taken away her daughter’s dream. In this rush of emotion and hurt, she left the place without meeting Samaya.

Soon the show began and it was after the show that designer was to announce the girl he would hire. They all enjoyed the concert including the other celebrities. Everything went well and the designer came on stage to announce the name of the girl who would be working with him. He gave the opportunity to the girl in the white shirt, whom everyone underestimated. Samaya was shocked and hurt, had it been anyone else she would have been ok but the question that bothered her was “why her”. She rushed to her mother’s friend and requested rather begged her to let her meet the designer once more. It was just an answer she needs to her question.

After a lot of drama, she was finally to meet him while he is getting in his car. Samaya was to escort him and on the way she can have her time. All was over and everyone was leaving, finally, the chauffeur came with the car and she rushed to be by his side. She maintained her calm and while he was closing the door, she stood in the way and asked the reason for not choosing her. He smiled and said that it was because of her bag.

He has always been associated with organisations which do not harm environment or animals. It has been tough for him to make his way up having such strong rules for himself that too while being in the fashion industry but he has not let his growth hamper his principles. The girl he selected was carrying an exquisite jute bag in a concert full of fashion professionals. She carried this bag with grace and used it to distinguish herself from the crowd. This impressed him and stated that if they as fashion professionals will not promote natural fibers, these bags will be lost in the years to come.

Samaya rushed home and cried hugging her mother. She was guilty, sad, disappointed and hurt. However, this incident left her with many lessons like,