12 Stupendous Nike Ads That Will Inspire The Greatness Within You

You have no reason to stop. Life is a sport, Make it count. Greatness has no peak, find your greatness. Just do it, then do it again….. Ring a bell?? Yah, you guessed it right, it’s NIKE.

Nike has always amazed us with their overwhelming advertisement which gets in our head and motivates us to work our asses off for achieving more, doing more, or to just give a little more effort.

I bet you wouldn’t be knowing but did you know the founder of Wieden+Kennedy agency, Dan Wieden credits the inspiration for his “Just Do It” slogan to Gary Gilmore’s last words. Everyone knows procrastination is the thief of time. Just do it, is for the people who waste their time overthinking and overanalyzing and not actually doing the things or simply getting started.  Mark Zuckerberg also emphasizes on doing it first,

Done is better than perfect.”

This quote means that being perfect is not important, but getting the job done matters.

Mark Twain on Just do it

Somehow we have come to believe that greatness is only for the chosen few, for the superstars. Truth is, greatness is for all of us. This is not about lowering the expectations; It’s about raising them for every last one of us. Greatness is not in one special place, and it’s not in one special edition. Greatness is wherever somebody is trying to find it.

Here are the top 10 Nike ads that teach you important things in life and that greatness is within you. Take a look at them and find your greatness.

1. Unlimited You

Length: 2 min 37 secs          Views: 37,222,459

2. Unlimited Will

Length: 40 secs          Views: 1,468,742

3. Unlimited Future

Length: 1 min 19 secs          Views: 1:19

 4. Short A Guy

Length: 1 min 41 secs          Views: 7,052,890

5. Unlimited Courage

Length: 40 secs          Views: 2,840,846

6. Unlimited Together

Length: 2 min 25 secs          Views: 2,828,598

7. Unlimited Youth

Length: 1 min 3 secs          Views: 2,588,367

8. Unlimited Fight

Length: 41 secs          Views: 440,108

9. Unlimited Ashton Eaton

Length: 1 min 25 secs          Views: 258,699

10. Danny Don’t Know

Length: 1 min 1 sec          Views: 267,538

11. Unlimited Mo Farah

Length: 1 min 37 secs          Views: 334,361

12. Unlimited Allyson Felix

Length: 1 min 38 secs          Views: 368,510

This one’s the best awe-inspiring commercial that Nike came up in 2012. It has over two million views on youtube till now. Take a look at this bonus commercial.

Find Your Greatness

Length: 1 min 2 secs          Views: 2,146,903

Feeling inspired? Now go out and find your greatness. Greatness is for all of us. Just do it and then do it again.